Pipeline supports Vortico VPS, VPP, VPL are used to support pipeline in required manner, depending on place where it is located:
• Vortico VPS: Fixed points lock pipeline in place.

• Vortico VPP: In places where stress caused by thermal expansion or other forces is present, sliding points (directional) are used. They fix pipeline allowing movement in axial direction assuring that stress is not cumulated between supports.

• Vortico VPL: On pipeline direction change places, loose supports are used. They support pipeline in vertical direction, and allow movement in horizontal directions. Correct configuration of supports allow to compensate stresses in pipeline.

• Height adjustment: for pipeline with technological slope, or where there is possibility of subsidence and compensation is required.

Supports can be manufactured in many different materials. There are stainless steel supports as well as painted or galvanised carbon steel supports.

Special versions:
This datasheet shows typical supports, however Vortico provides customized supports for specific needs according to cown design or drawings delivered by customer. There are different supports for insulated and noninsulated pipelines, and depends on pipeline working conditions. We deliver supports that can be attached to the pipeline by bolt clamp, or welded. We provide detailed drawings and 3d models that can be inluded in project.

Standard documentation provided with delivery consists of: declaration of confiormity, manual, and installation intructions. Where required, we deliver material certificates, welding documentation and other documetnts required by customer.