Vortico is a company created by engineers of many specialties such as Chemical and Process Engineering, Mechanics, Environmental Engineering, Automation and Control Systems. Approaching in a task-oriented manner and flexibly selecting project teams, we implement projects in various fields in which technical and project management knowledge as well as the ability to use specialized software are required. We work with many companies dealing in the metals and plastics processing. Without having a extensive and complicated organizational structure, we are efficient and effective in providing projects and products for customers. We invite you to check our offer and contact us to agree terms of cooperation. If you can't find required products or services on our website, it doesn't mean that we can not do it for you. Please contact us with any untypical requests.

Natural Gas Scrubbers and Coalescers
Target chamber
Separator maintenance platforms
Heating pipeline supports
Suction pipelines for fire protection water VRS110
Suction pipelines for fire protection water
Heating pipeline supports
Service hatch VWR-A
Absorbers maintenance platforms
Hangers rotating system
Natural Gas Coalescer Tubesheet
Target chamber
Dosing systems VSD
Service hatch
Pipeline supports DN1000 with height adjustment
Pipeline supports VPS, VPP, VPL
Gamma particles detection system
Heat exhanger type: Pipe in pipe VWC-RR
Cyclofilters relocation project
Service hatch VWR-A
Mobile trolley for radioactive samples transport